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RBW – Last Weekly Weigh In

Our Romance Biggest Winner challenge officially ends on 1/5 — which is also my one year anniversary on Weight Watchers — and today’s our last weekly weigh in.

So far, I’ve lost 22 pounds in 6 months.  Definitely not earth shatteringly fast, but 22 pounds are gone forever.  I lost again this week, just a small amount (.17), but considering it was a holiday and we had Christmas dinner at my mom’s this past weekend, I’m very pleased.

Even more exciting, I finally got myself on an exercise routine.  I’m doing Tony Horton’s Power 90 again and I’ve made it two days in a row.  If I get bored with the Sweat portion, I reserve the right to switch things up and do some other cardio instead, but I love the Sculpt exercise.  It’ll be a challenge to figure out how to plan the exercise during my work days, especially around writing.  It’s always tempting to write over lunch instead of work out, for instance, but I’ve *got* to increase my activity if I want to keep losing at a reasonable speed.

To make sure I still get words each day, I’m going to have to get up Dark & Early.  I made it today, although mannnnn, I’m tired.  I slept horribly (which I almost always do after a long weekend or when starting a new D&E stint).  Hopefully I can get through this week and keep to the schedule.  We’ll see.

I also recorded my measurements this weekend.  I did Power 90 about 2 years ago (in March) and made it about 45 days before quitting.  I’d only lost 3 pounds and was soooo discouraged after working out so hard.  I could feel myself tightening up and getting smaller though, but I didn’t have any evidence since I didn’t take my measurements.

At the time, I wasn’t “dieting”.  I increased my protein and calories according to Beach Body’s recommended plan, but I wasn’t following the plan exactly.  I’ve never really been able to stick to both exercise AND diet, so I’m a bit nervous.  I’m hoping that a full year on Weight Watchers (as of 1/5) will give me the diet foundation I need, and that adding exercise on top will only increase my metabolism and get me losing bigger amounts each week.  *crossing fingers*

I’m 61.4 pounds lighter than the last time I tried Power 90, so I’m hoping for great things.  Who knows, I might even be able to do that one swing-the-leg-through move after the downward dog that I never could manage before!  Okay, one can hope.  ;-)

2 thoughts on “RBW – Last Weekly Weigh In

  1. Good God, that’s the hard one. I mean, it’s not even that it requires balance. I’m pretty sure you have to be able to manipulate the Matrix to pull that crap.

  2. Way to go Joely!! So proud of you!

    I’ll help kick your butt out of bed for D&E 😮 just return the favor ‘kay?

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