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RBW Post Turkey

I didn’t track much this past week.  I didn’t exercise either.  Sigh.  I was just too busy.  If I wasn’t running an errand or cooking, I was doing up dishes, cleaning the house for company, or writing (a little).  We even ended up with fried twist donuts in the house Thursday morning (for the company, of course), and I succumbed instead of eating my healthy yogurt as planned.

I gave away tons of leftovers but the fridges are still loaded.  We had another Thanksgiving dinner with my mom, brother, and sister Saturday, and of course Granny sent us home with MORE leftovers, including a nice big piece of Chocolate Angel Pie.  I ate it.

So why was the scale down .42% today?

I tried really hard to not OVER eat.  I ate what I wanted – but had small portions, ate slowly, and had NO seconds.  I ate extra vegetables and fruit and yogurt whenever possible (e.g. Saturday morning brunch before leaving for Mom’s I had Fage, blueberries, and Kashi, while the family gnoshed on Combos and beef jerky on the ride).  Then Sunday and Monday I was strictly back to plan, ate a little less than my point range but nothing extreme, drank my water, tracked my points, and avoided snacky food.  In other words, I got right back on track instead of allowing the feasting to continue.

Nearly to my next 5 pound star!

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  1. Whoot! Way to go Joely. You’ll be reaching your milestone reward in no time 😀

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