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RBW Update

So three days into the Romance Biggest Winner…and I’ve exercised three days!  In a row!  I know.  I’m shocked too.  Woot!

I’ve survived two sessions of Power 90 sculpt (level 1).  Yes, I’m definitely sore, but not where I can’t walk up the stairs or anything.  Those pushups KILL me.  Even my stomach (core) is sore.

Yesterday, the monsters commandeered the Wii so I couldn’t do Walk It Out as usual.  So I threw in my old Leslie Sansome Walk Away the Pounds dvd on my laptop.  It’s the 1 and 2 mile version, but I’d never done the 2 mile before.  I thought, hey, what the heck.  I’ve been walking 2 miles on WIO.  Let’s see how bad it is.

Not bad at all.  I definitely broke a sweat but I made it all the way through without keeling over ded. 

Who knows.  At this rate, I might get up the courage to go back to Power 90’s cardio….  (I don’t know.  Those upward and downward dogs kill me every time.)

In the food arena, I made a new recipe tonight (Curried Quinoa with Chicken, about 7 p+ on WW if you’re tracking points).  I admit, it was a little risky.  I personally have not liked curry or quinoa before, but it just sounded good.  That Man is working late tonight, so it was just the monsters and I.  Chickens were on sale and I had two in my big stew pot simmering late afternoon.  I have chicken…  I have broth…  I figured worst case, if they all hated it, at least they could eat the dark-meat chicken before That Man devours it.

Wow, so good.  I absolutely loved it!  Although I did leave out the nutmeg.  That just sounded weird (although I love nutmeg on peaches).  I promise to try the nutmeg next time.  Even better, two of the three monsters loved it and went back for seconds!  Littlest Monster did not like the texture, but she did try it and ate about half.  Hopefully it will grow on her, because it’s definitely a dish I’d like to make again.

While waiting on the chickens to cool so I can pick all the good meat off (and then make a huge batch of broth), I decided to roast some chickpeas (kind of like this recipe only I modified the spices, didn’t use olive oil, and prepared the dried beans first).  I’ve been wanting to try crispy chickpeas for a long time — sounded totally up my alley.  All those yummy spices!  I pulled the pan out of the oven to cool and went downstairs to write a while. 

I came back upstairs…and nearly the entire pan was gone.  Gulp.  I guess the monsters approve of roasted chickpeas.  Who knew?!?

(Where’s my gas mask?!?  Because they just ate THREE CUPS of BEANS….)

3 thoughts on “RBW Update

  1. Egad! Your entire atmosphere will be green fog! *gags*

  2. Send a gas mask, STAT!

  3. I’ve never been a fan of chickpeas but I’ve never tried them roasted, have to get your recipe 🙂 Can’t help you with the gas mask…good luck with that!

    Nutmeg is my favorite spice and is amazing with poultry.

    *throws confetti* yay on the progress!

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