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RBW Week 11

If I were only looking at the scale, this would be a disappointing week because it’s showing a gain.

However, I know that I worked the plan all week.  I’ve been eating as healthy as usual.  But the biggest victory came this past weekend when I jogged with Princess Monster.  Again!  Not only did I not die — but I also jogged for quarter of a mile – straight!  Then I jogged another half a lap after that.

I wasn’t as sore, either.  Now, I just need to work on more REGULAR exercise.

My “new” food this week has been large salads for lunch.  I’ve always loved salad, but more as a side than the main dish.  Now I’m measuring out 2-3 oz of roast beef or ham, adding a BabyBell mini cheese, or even a hardboiled egg, for lots of protein, topped with my homemade honey dijon dressing made with olive oil and basalmic.  I have a nice huge plate of greens mixed with cucumbers, carrots, and tomatoes.  Yum!

Plus it always makes me giggle because I call it a “Hugh Jass” salad.  On the WW forums, they censor certain words, so people call it that instead of huge ASS.  Then my brain leaps on to Hugh Jackman…

And I’m very happy to eat my salad. :mrgreen:  Hoping for a better weigh in next week!

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