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RBW Week 6

Romance Biggest Winner

So far for this challenge, I’ve lost a total of 10.4 pounds, which puts my average loss at 2 pounds per week.  A little higher than my WW average (since Jan) of 1.3 pounds per week.  Pneumonia in July is all I can say.  I don’t expect these numbers going forward!

I am, however, at 41% of my goal I set for the whole six months.  Awesome!  Every pound going forward will be a challenge, so I’m glad I have a headstart.  (My goal is to lose just slightly over 1 lb/week.)

Food wise, I’m still pretty boring.  e.g. I haven’t tried any new recipes since last week.  I’m eating nonfat Greek yogurt daily to get as many probiotics as possible to counteract the heavy-duty antibiotics I’ve been on, and they’re doing their job.  With fresh peaches/nectarines in season…and a little Kashi Go Lean Almond Crunch (only 1/2 c. because it’s expensive in points, 1 c = 5 pts) sprinkled on top, YUM!  And a great source of protein too.

My oldest has been informally doing WW with me (as her doctor recommended), and one of the easiest things she does to keep her weight going down is to take her lunch to school everyday.  Even with all the new healthy guidelines they keep pushing down our throats, if she eats the school lunch, she’s guaranteed to slowly start gaining again.  Since school starts next week, I invested in some nicer cold lunch boxes for all three monsters so they can all take their lunch if they want.  (Middle is VERY picky about her sandwich and believes it “tastes bad” if it’s even the slightest bit warmer than ice cold.  She typically will only take PBJ as a result.  I hope these new “PackIt” bags work!)

Any ideas for interesting healthy kid lunches?  Because the whole sandwich thing gets old pretty fast…

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  1. My kid loves cold sesame noodles and tofu in his lunch. I mix udon and soba noodles, cook until al dente, then drain and run under cold water to keep it from sticky. Then toss with some sesame oil and sesame seeds. The tofu is pressed and sauteed in a little bit of oil.

    Also a lunchbox hit: cold corn on the cob.

    1. Ha, you should have seen Middle’s face when I asked her if she’d eat cold noodles. Littlest would love it (minus the sesame and tofu).

      1. Oh, I can definitely see it. Has it returned to normal yet? *snerk*

        1. Well, normal for her.

  2. School lunches are the worst! Congrats on your progress!

    1. Thank you, Stephanie!

  3. Wraps are a fav with oldest…whole wheat tortilla with a bit of ranch spread on it, deli meat or leftover chicken topped with some grated cheese, lettuce, and grated carrots. He also loves taking cold chicken.

    I find thinking of them as a picnic rather than school lunches helps me to think outside of the box :mrgreen: (I’ll have to give the noodles a try.)

    Congrats on your progress Joely!

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