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Return to Shanhasson Cover

We’re finalizing the release date as I type, but it’ll definitely be THIS MONTH!  Thank you, everyone, for your patience.  I hope the final book in the Shanhasson trilogy meets your wildest expectations!

Meet Mykal tal‘Mamba, a man so cloaked in Shadow that he doesn’t remember exactly who he is.  Or rather, who he’s been

Raising his voice, Mykal yelled after the fleeing trader. “Tell Shannari dal’Dainari that soon I’ll soar over her Shining Walls!”

3 thoughts on “Return to Shanhasson Cover

  1. So gorgeous! LOve Love!

  2. Ooooooooooo!!! So nice! I love the eyes on the moon and the textures used….lovely!

  3. Does he still smell like sandalwood? That was always my favorite thing about him. *snerk* Except maybe for the, ya know… OTHER thing. Heheh.

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