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Review: Hurt Me So Good

Sherri Meyer writes a lovely review for Victor:

Joely Sue Burkhart is a master, and I do mean MASTER, at character development. I always feel like I might be able to meet one of her characters in real life. They have hopes and dreams, fears and worries, had highs and lows. They are human. I love a great character.

In a nice twist for a romance this really is Victor’s story because he has the most to lose. I loved watching him struggle with who he is. On the surface Victor is powerful, seemingly on top of the world. But he has flaws both real and imagined. Shiloh knows what she wants, sets out to get it, and knocks poor Victor’s world on its axis.

I have to give Sherri full credit for helping me tie up a subplot so neatly and wonderfully that it has become a favorite of several people who’ve read it since and loved it.  The acknowledgements say it all:

Sherri, Brandon is forever in your debt.

Thank you so much, Sherri!

3 thoughts on “Review: Hurt Me So Good

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  2. I love working with you Joely!

    Is it greedy to say my fingers are twitching to get Vicki’s story? 😳

  3. Sherri, if that’s greedy I think all us Joely fans will just have to call ourselves the seventh deadly sin and reveal in it. :mrgreen:

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