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Revising a Fast Draft

In reference to Usable Fast Draft one important thing I learned after Raelyn Barclay’s astute beta read:  I used “that” nearly 1K times.


They were completely invisible to me.  But once I started looking for that, it was everywhere.  Sometimes I could delete the word entirely.  Other times, I reworded the sentence better.  Other times, I of course just left it because it improved readability.  I don’t know if Raelyn believed me or not, but “that” is usually one of those throwaway words that I have to add in edits sometimes at my editor’s recommendation.  I tend to leave certain freebie words out, like off of.  That bugs me.  I just say off.  Sometimes I leave that out too.

But not in The Billionaire Submissive, evidently!

So no matter how great and clean you think that fast draft is after the first-pass edits, it’s definitely worth a second set of eyes to help you see through all the wonderful trees and find those insidious creepers silently obscuring the view.

A weekend of revisions and The Billionaire Submissive is off my desk to Tera.  Just in time for edits on Lord Regret’s Price to land!  I’m also back to work on the Plantation with Molly as well as more worldbuilding and plotting my new PNR.  It’s going to be a busy end of the year!

1 thought on “Revising a Fast Draft

  1. I think I’d rather be asked to add than remove 😕

    I love reading for you and am glad to have helped. So excited TBS off to your editor. TBS is definitely a page turner!

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