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Revision Hell – Day Five

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Whew boy, I’m just flying. *snort* 809 words, 16,944 polished. I started the evening off by cutting several paragraphs from that new section I added (foreshadowing became big dark glob) and then connected it to the old draft. The next few sections *should* go quicker because I don’t foresee adding anything new, but who knows.

Packed 5 more kitchen boxes (2 were small, spices, etc. that I won’t be using between now and the 18th) and finished cleaning the garage out. This holiday weekend, I’ll be cleaning out our storage unit to donate as much as possible (hey, if we haven’t used it in almost 2 years, why keep it now?) and then moving some of this clutter out of here so I can keep working. I’m also doing some touch-up painting, crossing fingers that the matched paint actually matches and doesn’t look horrible…

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