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Revision Hell – Day Two

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I should have remembered that a day of vacation–with That Man and the monsters underfoot–means no writing time whatsoever. I tinkered with NSR a little, maybe a couple of hundred words, but I’m seriously behind. At this rate, I won’t really get a good start until Monday.

I started reading a VERY high concept book that was VERY disappointing (not by anyone I “know” on the blogosphere, so nobody worry!). I couldn’t even make it 50 pages. What a waste of a good idea.

We watched The Bucket List, which made me bawl. Not a feel-good bawl at all. That Man’s got the new-ish Rambo movie Tivo’d too, which he’ll probably make me suffer through tomorrow.

On the bright side, at this rate, I’ll be EXCITED to return to work on Monday. ;-)

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