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Revision Hell – Define Goals and Plans

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Welcome to Revision Hell!

Circle I Limbo

Add Description, Add Emotion
Circle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind

Expand Scenes
Circle III Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow

Circle IV Rolling Weights

What Timeline?
Circle V Stuck in Mud, Mangled

River Styx

Cut Garbage
Circle VI Buried for Eternity

River Phlegyas

Tissue-Thin Conflict
Circle VII Burning Sands

Two-Dimensional Characters
Circle IIX Immersed in Excrement

Plot Holes
Circle IX Frozen in Ice

Design your own hell

(Hellacious link courtesy of Larissa Ione)

Goal: Take last year’s NaNoWriMo novel (Night Sun Rising) and expand/polish 63.5K to 80K and prepare for submission by July 31, 2008.

Planning: I have 10K already pretty well polished. That leaves 70K to get through. Obviously, I need to expand since the first draft is short, but through description, plot fixes, and character development, I don’t think 15K will be a problem. Uh, but I have to actually WRITE it. ;-)

I have 38 days counting today. Today and tomorrow are planning days. I’ll read through what I have, make notes, do research (e.g. what does Santiago Atitlan look like?), and identify key holes I need to fill. By Thursday, 6/26, I’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

My daily goal is 2500 revised words, up to 30 days. That way I’ll have several days free to make up missed time and for holidays (That Man’s birthday is in July; God help me if we have to move). That number is pretty intimidating, but I’m going to hope for the best with a big showing Thursday and Friday since I’m on vacation. If these were NEW words, I couldn’t make it; however, I have some good solid scenes I’ll be able to cut and paste from. Hopefully it’ll be enough.

So, are you ready to join me in Revision Hell?

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