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Rough Day of Little Things

Today was one of those days where I swear the stars are aligned against me.

I had to take two of the three monsters to two different schools (at different times) to deliver their school supplies.  (Don’t ask how many trips I’ve made to Wal-mart to pick up said supplies).  The other monster (Middle) had already met her teacher, etc. but she wasn’t feeling well, so I decided to get her to the doctor before school starts.  Since I worked today, I had to time everything around my lunch and getting off work.

So first I ran one kid to school and then to urgent care.  I swear, everyone in town must have a last minute injury, sickness, or physical required, because we waited forEVER.  Gah.  I had a meeting at 1:00 and I was really starting to stress that I wouldn’t make it home in time.  Finally, we saw the doctor, yes, she has an ear infection, and away I raced to drop off her prescription at Walgreens.

Of course, we got behind an irate customer who’s going to Zurich tomorrow and MUST have her prescription and she’d been calling since Sunday and WHY don’t they have it ready, blah blah blah.  Finally, it’s our turn, and now I find that Walgreens has no record of this child on their system.  Never mind that she’s the sickest of the three monsters.  She’s had three surgeries, ear tubes before she was even one year old! 

So I had to send over my insurance card and answer all the questions about where we live, etc.  Time’s a ticking.  Finally, we zip home and That Man handles their (late) lunch while I return to work.

Fast forward to after hours, and we took the other monster up to her school to drop off her supplies since it’s on the way to Walgreens to pick up Middle’s prescription.  We go through drivethru and lo and behold, they had a problem with my insurance.

Never mind that at least half my life savings has been spent in Walgreens over the years, now, suddenly they have a problem with my insurance.  We pulled out of drivethru and I went inside the store, to sit for 45 minutes while they called my insurance company.  Good thing all we needed was a basic antibiotic!

I love my insurance, though.  I do.  They saved me $142 on this ONE prescription.

So I’m a bit frazzled tonight, but in the end, nothing can ruin my mood.  Why?  Because the monsters go back to school tomorrow! 

Wheeeeeee.  Let the return to school party begin!

On the writing front, I finished reading a friend’s story and now I’m working through my beloved sister’s wip.  I also have Jenna Reynold’s Sweet Spot on my iPhone that I’m highly enjoying (thank you, thank you, I had something to read while I sat at the doctor’s office and Walgreens today).

Victor is present and we’ve been talking.  Gregar’s being a jerk.  I might have to write up a complaint post later if he doesn’t cooperate.

7 thoughts on “Rough Day of Little Things

  1. Hate to say it, but I kinda hope he keeps being a jerk. I so love listening to him b*tch. *snerk*

  2. Ha, you only get to read the *good* bitching. I hear it all!

  3. Ah, the joys of having children. I know I’ve had those kinds of days myself.

  4. Heh, perks of being the Blessed Lady’s sister instead of the Blessed Lady herself. *grin*

  5. Sorry to hear you had a rough day of it. Yay about the kids back to school! Ah, I remember those days when my kids returned to school. I always felt like swinging my arms around and singing like Julie Andrews at the beginning of Sound of Music :mrgreen: Glad you’re enjoying Sweet Spot. I know what it is to be waiting somewhere and have nothing to read so glad I could be of help. 😀

  6. Geez, the medical crap sounds like a massive headache. Done my share of that, so I feel your pain!

  7. Thanks, guys! The monsters are starting to feel better and I’m definitely enjoying the simplification of our schedule now that they’re back in school!

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