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RX Day 1

Not so much done for the Mayan Fantasy, unfortunately.  I needed to research a good border town between Mexico/Texas and finally settled on Laredo because of I-35 heading straight to Dallas-Ft. Worth.  I still don’t have a good picture in my head of Laredo.  Has anyone been there?  Can you tell me of a fairly disreputable area, perhaps along the Rio Grande?  Warehouse district or something?

Other misc tasks accomplished tonight, in no particular order:

  1. Imported all 2008 livejournal posts to this blog.
  2. Promptly got locked out by server for suspicious activity!
  3. Deena set up my joely AT joelysueburkhart DOT com e-mail, so fire away at will!  Alternatively, you can continue to use joelysueburkhart AT
  4. Talked to a friend who really needed an ear.
  5. Drew a very bad map of Laredo.
  6. Uploaded all my character pictures on the private WordPress blog for NSR.  (They were lost when we moved my domain.)  I need my pictures!
  7. Took the monsters to the dentist.  Dentist recommended new procedure I’ve never heard of before.  Haven’t had time to google it yet. 
  8. Late home from the dentist, and I was very thankful for the frozen meatloaf I’d prepared over the weekend.  I threw it in the oven (300 degrees) before leaving and it was perfect.  Mashed potatoes ala Shedds and gravy ala packet mix.
  9. Worked for the Evil Day Job a bit after dinner.  I’m behind.  Eventually, I’ll be so far behind I’ll actually be ahead!
  10. Spent an hour looking for library books that both Middle Monster and Princess Monster have misplaced.  Swore to never buy them another book or ever step foot in library again.  I know this promise will fail miserably.
  11. Entered the Eppies.
  12. Volunteered to judge in my free time.  *snort*

Here’s to an earlier rising tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “RX Day 1

  1. I got nothing on Laredo, sorry. <3

    Kuddoes on all accomplishments though. Especially with your listenning to/helping out a friend, thats always good. I’m sure they were most thankful for it.

    And I’m afraid I have to agree with you on your plan to stay clear of libraries is doomed to fail. 😎 You’ll forgive me for this lack of a vote of confidence, I hope. After all, you’re a writer. And, well, that goes hand in hand with being a book lover. Libraries are like book heaven.

    Did I mention it’s 4 am and I haven’t slept yet? You could tell? Well of course you could, you’re smarter than the average cookie.

    Eppies you says, pray tell what’s this Joely? Curious minds wish to know.

    Yay for the uploading of journal posts and new e-mail. And this post is long enough, so I’m off now to add that to my address book. Hope work for the Mayan Fantasy goes better tomorrow.

    Or should I say today?

  2. Oh, Soleil! 4 AM! I hope you finally got some rest.

    The Eppies are a contest sponsored by EPIC, an electronically published community. I almost didn’t enter because I didn’t have luck last year, but hope springs eternal. I just wish money did too. 🙄

  3. Hey Joely,
    How are you? Hope you’re doing well. I’ve never actually been to Laredo but do know a good deal about it. Most U.S. companies have a cross docking facility in order to take goods from the U.S. over into Mexico. The Mexican customs regulations are quite stiff as opposed to U.S. Customs. Basically almost everything has to be unloaded, piece count verified, pedimentos created etc before taking the cargo across the border. Laredo is not somewhere, no offense to anyone, where you’d really want to be stranded. If you need anymore info just let me know. Laredo is probably one of the biggest border crossings we have outside of Tijuana.

  4. Michelle!! So good to see you on the blogosphere! Thanks so much for that info. Yes, that’s exactly why I picked Laredo — it’s the largest port in America that’s not ON water. I have a drug cartel that’s working on both sides of the border, and at first, I had my FBI agent going over to Nuevo Laredo on the Mexican side, and decided that probably wouldn’t/couldn’t happen. So I changed things around to not have to deal with the ramifications.

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