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RX Day 12

Writing is a journey.  Today was a test of will.

It all started wrong as far back as last night.  I didn’t get any additional writing done last night, although I do have 3 of my Eppie entries read.  I didn’t get to bed until very late and I was already tired.  I barely got up in time for the Evil Day Job this morning, let alone Dark & Early for writing, so I felt very bad sending the sheepish note to my accountability partner that I’d overslept.  Then minutes before leaving for school, Littlest Monster notified me that she was ill.  From her symptoms, I immediately assumed she had a bladder infection.

I got the other two kids to school and made her an appointment, but she couldn’t be seen until 2:35.  My Dad (Papa from Mexico) came by to entertain her for awhile while I worked, and then That Man got home well before lunch, so I didn’t have to take a whole day of sick leave.  We pushed fluids and she seemed to be feeling much better.

So much better that the Doctor doesn’t think she had an infection at all.  *scratches head*  She had some pretty distinctive symptoms, so it’ll be interesting to see if the culture comes back in a few days.  Anyway, the doctor did talk us into the flu shot while we were there, which LM was *not* pleased about.  I still need to go back next month for the other two monsters (and LM will need to get her second one).  Joy.

Of course then it was time to drive home in rush hour traffic.  We stopped by the local consignment store and I let LM pick out a toy while I shopped for some pants for her.  (Middle Monster wears all her jeans out long before LM can inherit them.)  I fantasized about the possibility of dinner on the table for us when I got home (after all, That Man had been home all afternoon and dinner was pulled pork which I’d already cooked earlier in the week), but alas, that bubble was quickly burst.  I can count the number of times he’s made dinner for me on one hand.

So then it’s dinner, dishes, and check in at work and make up some time, and then homework and library books and…

*do you see WRITING anywhere in there?*

So here it is, nearly 9:00 p.m. and I’m exhausted and so pissed off I can’t see straight because the day is just gone.  I refused to watch TV with That Man (he insists that’s “quality time”) so I could get at least a little writing done.  However, I swore to myself I’d be in bed at 9:30 tonight and asleep by 10:00, so I don’t have much time.  Let’s see how much I can accomplish.

791 words in the new scene.  Heading to bed as promised after I prep the coffee pot for D&E tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “RX Day 12

  1. Oh, Sis. Isn’t that just retarded? My God, it’s like he not only doesn’t have a clue, but he doesn’t have a clue he doesn’t have a clue! *facepalms repeatedly*

  2. Here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day for both writing and well, in general.:sad: Though I’m glad your littlest monster is at least feeling better.

  3. No clue. He had to “work.” Well, don’t we all?

    Thanks, Soleil! I hope she’s fine today. It’s a little concerning not to *know* for sure what was wrong yesterday, because she was obviously hurting.

  4. Oh, sorry about LM being sick. There is nothing worse than a sick kid… well, maybe a husband that thinks TV is ‘quality time’. Mine tries to pull that too, and I’m sorry, but the cage fighting title match is not something I even want to listen to, let alone watch… 🙄 Hope today is better. 🙂

  5. …Cage fighting? Were do I sign up for tickets??

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