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RX Day 14

I worked on smoothing and organizing my daysheet in the car as we drove over to visit Grandma K.  I’m through the first 80 pages now and feel like the balance of scenes is pretty solid now.

I’m ready to write the next new scene in Quinn’s POV.

The next 20-40 pages are going to need some shuffling.  I start swapping between the hero/heroine POVs more, which means more threads to manage as I weave in the new POVs.  I’m hoping to get a nice chunk of reorganization done this weekend, but I’ll just have to see.  I’m not taking any vacation until 10/24 and the monsters are out of school, so likely little writing will get done.

I guess I’m about 20% through the manuscript, which is depressing.  I hoped to be further along by now.

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