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RX Day 3

I had two simple goals this morning.

Get up.  (Don’t laugh.)  Friday mornings are hard for me to do D&E.  I made it, but only by going to bed before 10 last night.  I didn’t watch Survivor because I was doing some stuff for the Evil Day Job.  I didn’t watch the debate because I was putting the monsters to bed and then wrote a bit.

Write 500 words.  (Again, don’t laugh.)  I know 1K for a D&E session is more than doable, but for whatever reason, I’ve only been getting a few hundred words this week.  New scene, new POV character, etc. all valid excuses, but come ON.  I need some major wordage here.

I made both goals!  Total scene length:  1676 and it’s finished.

I decided last night that I only get to do NaNoWriMo if I finish these revisions.  I really don’t think I can get the whole book revised in a month.  I need around 40K in new words and probably 15K of the existing draft needs some serious work.  About 40K of it hasn’t even been edited once.  *dies*

It sure would be lovely to participate again and get some nice wordage completed on Return to Shanhasson though…  Dharman and Sal have begun to clamor along with Gregar now, which I suppose is only to be expected.  After all, they really want to nag Shannari.  :mrgreen:

We’ll see.  I really doubt it’s humanly possible to do a decent 2nd draft this month, but Sal is eagerly offering all sorts of assistance.

5 thoughts on “RX Day 3

  1. Wow – congrats on finishing the scene! You impress me immensely with your D&E schedule. I used to do that too, but now I have to use that time getting to my EDJ… 😥

    And I hope you get to do NaNo – I wasn’t going to this year, due to lack of motivation, time, etc… but it’s the 10th anniversary, which it would kill me to miss, and as soon as I started even considering it my muse piped up with a nifty idea… so I’m planning on it as of right now. I love to torture myself, see? :mrgreen:

  2. Congrats on finishing the scene. I can’t do D&E, I go to bed too late for that.
    I’m planning to do NaNo myself this year, I’m even going to try and plot out the story before hand.
    Have a great weekend.
    P.S. I’m lovin’ the laptop. 😀

  3. Best of luck with your project. I admire your discipline. And if I haven’t thanked you yet, thanks so much for adding The Galaxy Express to your blogroll. I appreciate the support!

  4. Bethanie, I’m really hoping to participate! There’s such a fevered madness to NaNo–it’s wonderful in a manic sort of way.

    Thanks, Ann! How’s George holding up?

    Heather, thanks for stopping by! You’re very welcome and I plan to stop by your blog more often in the future!

  5. Woot! Yay for getting the scene finished! *confetti*

    I should take it then NaNoWriMo is really as fun as I’ve heard it is then? :mrgreen:

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