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RX Day 5

Well, this Revision Xibalba is grinding my bones to dust.  It’s been really slow going but I’m hanging tough.

Yesterday, I didn’t quite break 500 words, but I did make it up and started a new scene.  Today, ditto, only even less words so far.  My mind is just not in the game.  But it’s crucial here that I not let myself make up excuses or let another pretty shiny project steal me away.  I know, if I keep working and meet the story every morning, things will eventually click and it’ll be full steam ahead.

It would help tremendously if I didn’t have any games on this computer!  When the going is tough, it’s so much easier to let distractions rule.  “Cooking Dash” is ever so much more fun than slogging through revisions!  :oops:


I’ll report back tonight when I break 1K in this scene.

Update:  squeaked up to 1050 words in this scene.  I should be able to finish it tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “RX Day 5

  1. :mrgreen: Good luck with the revisions, hope you have a good week

  2. Thanks, Terra! I think I lost your link when I moved my domain. I’ll get you added back. Sorry about that!

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