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RX Day 6

I decided to be a hard ass with myself.  No blog feeds in the morning until I hit at least 500 words.  (Once I make that consistently, I’ll bump it to 1K.  I know that’s doable–it’s just a matter of making it happen.)  I did better this morning, only opening my e-mail briefly to contact my accountability partner, Jenna.  (We e-mail each other in the morning when we “meet” Dark and Early with mini “goals” and then report back in aftewards to see if we made it.) 

Anyway, I was doing really good until I decided to check my website stats, and then I e-mailed Deena about something…and before I knew it, I’d wasted another 15 minutes. 

So tomorrow, I get to e-mail Jenna and that’s IT.  Nothing else until I hit 500 words. 

I did make the minimum word count this morning.  The scene’s at 1592 words and almost done.  I’m not sure where it’s going — it sort of morphed on me today.  I’ll explore it a bit tonight and hopefully wrap things up. 

Goals tonight:

  • finish current scene
  • edit existing draft, smooth these new scenes into the mix, and take stock of where I am in the story.
  • finish the Day Sheet.  I stalled on it and I’m not sure why.  I need to figure things out before I get there!
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