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Scorching Summer: Harper Fox

As part of our Scorching Summer giveaway, I’m thrilled to have Harper Fox stopping by today!

Scorching Summer is here!


Joely Sue, thank you so much for featuring me on your blog today. I’m very privileged to be sharing a Samhain Publishing release date on 11th June with four super-talented ladies – Mari Carr, Erin Nicholas, Shelli Stevens and, of course, Joely Sue, whose summer scorcher is called Her Grace’s Stable.

Brothers Of The Wild North Sea is a big departure for me – M/M of course, but my first foray away from contemporaries and into historical romance. I loved writing the book, though. It’s a tribute to my native Northumberland, England’s northernmost county, and the passionate spirits who helped form the land and its wild, beautiful culture in its earliest days. And a starred review by Publishers Weekly certainly makes me feel a lot more confident about unleashing the story on the world!

Brothers Of The Wild North Sea – what happens when the deadliest of enemies becomes heart’s desire?

Caius is working really hard to be good. He loves his life as a monk in the far-flung Christian stronghold of Farne, but he’s the son of a warrior chieftain, with hot blood in his veins. His biggest temptation is Leof, his sweet-natured friend – and, all too often, his lover.

When Vikings raid the monastery and Leof is killed, Cai questions his whole existence. All he wants is vengeance on the raiders. The last thing he expects is to find compassion in his heart for Fenrir, a young Viking wounded and left for dead. Defying his abbot, Cai uses his skills as a physician to save Fen’s life.

At first Fen tries to repay the kindness by attacking every Christian he can reach, but as time passes, Cai’s goodness to him reaches his heart – and Cai, who had thought he would never love again, feels the stirring of a profound new attraction.

But Cai and Fen are from different worlds. When old loyalties call Fen back to his tribe, can love be hold them together – and will they discover the ancient secret of Farne in time to prevent a catastrophic war to end all wars?

Here’s an excerpt:-

Up ahead was a crescent of rocks whose outer edge was turned to the storm-driven tide. A wave broke over it just as Cai and Fen fell into its sheltering curve, but it would do. The wind howled a little less fiercely there. The sea still stretched out its paws, but couldn’t drag them back. Sand was piled up here, strange rippled structures marked with kelp and a million fractured shells.

Cai pulled Fen out of the storm. They dropped to their knees, huddling against the rock. This time when Fen’s mouth sought his, he turned to him with a cry of joy and relief. Fen had been right—his blood was singing already, so loud the angels must hear. His skull banged off stone, and he reached up through exploding stars to grab anything he could of the Viking’s hot muscle and bone. Fen resisted him, tearing back to arm’s length, far enough to see him. “Caius.”

“My wolf from the sea.”


“You came for me.”

“Well, none of your other lily-arsed brethren would do it. They saw you, and they ran around like headless chickens, but…”

“They’re not sailors. They’re not…” Not you, Cai wanted to finish, but his throat had seized up.

“Not pirates. Not vikingr.”

Cai nodded. Like their shelter, it would have to do. Another wave broke, spray arcing high, landing with a seething crackle all around. Fen’s mouth was salty with it when it next landed on Cai’s, and he moved like the thunder, bearing Cai down onto the sand. But Cai was full of newborn faith and certainty. He rolled on top, pinning him, and Fen looked up and whispered, “There you are,” as if in recognition. As if at the end of a long, lonely wait.

Cai shuddered. He straddled Fen’s thighs and ran a hand down over his stomach, over the hard plane that rippled and arched to find his touch. Fen was erect beneath the leather thong of his leggings. He moaned when Cai freed him, sea-chilled fingers clumsy on the lace. His cock lifted stiff and full into Cai’s grasp, a vision seared into Cai’s brain by the lightning. In the green-flashing darkness that followed, Cai plunged down on him, shifting to allow him access in return. He buried his face on the side of Fen’s neck. That great, strong hand was on him now, between their bodies, undoing him.

Brothers Of The Wild North Sea is available to pre-order from Amazon, Samhain and Barnes & Noble. Be sure to stop by and read Mari, Erin and Shelli’s posts on our blog hop – you’ll get the chance to win some great prizes, including a $50 gift certificate and my special prize for our tour, a signed coaster and mousemat featuring the fantastic Brothers cover art.

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