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I’m in full panic frenzy mode.

Tomorrow’s my last day at the Evil Day Job until May 7th and I’ve got soooo much to do!  We’re in the middle of a large project with a hard deadline, and I’ve got to try and come up with enough stuff for a very efficient programmer to work on while I’m out.  She whizzed through all the stuff I did this week already so I have absolutely NO CUSHION.

Oh, and I’m getting yet another new boss.  My current new boss gave his notice and is moving to a new department within the company.  Third boss in less than 5 months.  My mantra:  Change is a good thing.  Change is a good thing.  Change…

I still have to finish gluing my mask promo items.  We only have about 25 or so done.

I still have to find more clothes to wear during the day, although I’m covered for the nightly events for the most part.  The dress I bought for the award ceremony is gonna be snug.  Thank God for Spanx.  I want to get at least one more pair of black jeans.  Maybe another shirt or two.  I’ll see what I can find this weekend, but I’ve struck out on my favorite brand of jeans once already.

Granny brought by the cute little vest thing to wear beneath my corset.  The only problem I see with it:  it’s extremely short.  I don’t know how comfortable it’ll be if I’m fighting it all the time, but I suppose under the tight corset it probably won’t go anywhere!

I put on the beaded corset yesterday to practice lacing myself into it.  It has back ties, which are really hard to do alone.  Littlest saw me working on it and came in to help me again – by planting her foot on my butt and hauling on the laces.  *can’t breathe!!*  Thank God she’s not coming with me….  Although dang, she managed to suck me in pretty well!  (I could barely move, though, let alone sit down.)

I’m breaking in some new boots to wear during the day.  Yeah, not my brightest idea, but I fell in love with these red Dr. Martens.  In all my internet reading, I found that Dr. Martens are notoriously tough to break in, but these aren’t bad at all.  Of course I am wearing two pairs of socks with them… but I’ve been able to wear them all day without issue.  Will I be able to walk all around KC next week in them without crippling myself?

We shall see!

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  1. Breathe. It will all come together. I know you’ll have a blast and I can’t wait to hear all about the trip.

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