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September Goals

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I had a nice post all written up and my computer wonked out and all I got was garbage. Hopefully this post will go through better.

I have three projects in the queue this month. I’m not going to set priority–I’ll take whatever work I can get on any of them. All are in the worldbuilding, plotting, building stage, although I’m hoping to work back toward 1K a day new words, either in backstory or world bible.

  • Mayan urban fantasy
  • ANTs, the followup to Letters
  • Given in Fire, the other Keldari novella

I’m working back toward the dark and early routine now that the monsters are back in school; however, worldbuilding doesn’t always go well that early in the morning. I’ll write possible scenes, backstory, etc. as needed, with the goal of hitting full speed in October on a formal first draft. I hope that will be the Mayan story, but it’s big, real big, and I might not be ready to. We’ll see what I can get pulled together.

What are your goals for this month?

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