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Shadowlight by Lynn Viehl

I’ve been hooked on Lynn Viehl’s books ever since I read an ARC of If Angels Burn years ago, so I’m thrilled to read her new twist on the Darkyn universe.  Shadowlight kicks off a new “Takyn” series, but does have cross-over characters from the Darkyn books I know and love. 

There are a lot of new characters introduced, out of necessity to set up the new world.  Hang in there, don’t be discouraged by the large cast, and trust Lynn’s magic.  The “monster” created in this book is terrifically horrible and all the little hints and pieces definitely come together in one wild ride at the end. 

Since Evermore involved poetry, I wrote a sonnet for PBW back in 2007 — unfortunately, it was lost when I moved my blog.  So I thought I’d write a new one!

In shadowlight’s grim, unflinching hold,
Secret shadows are seared by truth’s clear light.
Crimes and horrors, hidden darkness untold,
Bared to Jessa’s weary soul without invite.
She hides alone, untouched and unloved;
Until GenHance tracks her through her special gift.
To save her from torture, Mattias steals his beloved–
Tho she knows him not, and her distrust comes swift.
In shadowlight, Jessa sees his frozen past:
A blizzard storm and centuries of barren ice.
He tells her so many horror tales she’s left aghast–
While their physical connection attempts to entice.
If GenHance gains her shadowlight sight,
Their engineered soldiers will the world ablight.

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  1. Great poem…it sums the story up well!

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