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Monstrous Heat Signed Paperback


Signed paperback, 148 pages


I’m lost in the jungle, and something is stalking me.

Discovering a Mayan ruin in the Guatemalan jungle should have catapulted my archeology career, but I’m lost hours from camp. Worse, something is stalking me. It’s not a jaguar. It’s bigger than anything I’ve ever seen before and wicked fast. I can’t outrun it. I don’t have any weapons.

When it catches me…

I can’t help but think I’ve fallen back through time to the Jurassic Period, because the creature looks like a T-rex and raptor had a very vicious baby. It’s hungry, too. Very hungry. Though it doesn’t hurt me. Yet.

Then a naked man comes to my rescue. Not sus at all.

Kroktl says his squad is on a top-secret mission to Earth, and his outrageous physique certainly fits the part of a lab-created super-soldier alien. Who coincidentally smells exactly like the dino-predator that chased me.

He claims that I can help him through the heat. By the burning way he looks at me, he doesn’t mean air temperature. In fact, I suspect that I’m next on the menu. After he plays with his food. He’s even calling his squad to come see what he caught.

I don’t think I’m getting out of the jungle alive.

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