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Monstrous Hunger Signed Paperback


Signed paperback, 196 pages


I accidentally mated an alien dino-shifter, and now the rest of his squad want a piece of me too.

Having hot, wild sex with a stranger was always on my bucket list. My guy just happens to be an alien super-soldier I found in a Guatemalan jungle who shifts into a massive raptor-tyrannosaurus-rex creature. After one incredible night, he declares that we’re mated. For life.

When I get a nasty concussion at the butt end of a drug smuggler’s rifle, Kroktl not only kills a bunch of the bad guys, but also calls his squad for help. Each dynos is a unique genetically engineered combination of million-year-old monsters perfected to be killing machines. What one dynos thinks—or feels—is shared by the rest of the squad.

If Krotkl’s in heat… and he brings the rest of his squad to my aid…

I’m going to find myself mated to not one but four dino-shifters in a breeding frenzy that may kill us all.

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