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Sorry for my blog silence this month.  I just haven’t had much mojo, in blogging or in writing.  I’m still trudging along in The Bloodgate Warrior, specifically, the pyramid sacrifice scene.  Sex scenes can be really sloooow going, so I’m trying to be patient with a couple hundred words a day.  The backup laptop can’t handle more than one thing open at a time — just not enough RAM.  At least I can’t play any games to distract me!

I’m expecting the repair on my main laptop to run about $250.  I hope to get it next week, but it might run into the first week of June.  I’m trying to be patient.

We had a tagging party for all the Carina Press releases.  We all went out to Amazon and “liked” and “tagged” as many releases as possible.  It was fun, and a great chance to see all the gorgeous covers.  Anybody want to do this for some other publisher?  If you’re a writer and have a book out, remind me in comments and we can exchange “tags!”

I’m turning another year older this weekend (assuming the rapture doesn’t happen!!) so what would you like to have me do on the blog to celebrate?  A free book?  A sneak peek of something?  If you have a burning secret desire for something, let me know.  We’re planning another trip to Mythos — the monsters’ present to me — and I’ve asked for pens, paper, notebooks, and books.  My very favorite things!  Point me to the stationary or office supplies aisle and I’m one happy camper!

8 thoughts on “Slacker

  1. Just have an awesome birthday Joely!

  2. Hi Joely,

    Would love to do a tag exchange with you! Let me know what books and what tags you want me to tag.

    I have two poetry chapbooks out: Life as a Moving Target (tags: illness, poetry, fibromyalgia) and Without Wings (tags: poetry, love, dark). Both under my actual name, Erin Zarro.

    Thank you so much and Happy Birthday!


  3. Done, Erin, and thank you!

  4. Thank you, Raelyn!

  5. not sure if it helps if just readers tag books or not, but I will if it helps. I hope you have a good birthday!! and if you want to celebrate with a snip of BGW I wouldn’t complain:)

  6. Happy Birthday Joelly! Celebrate!!

    I don’t know that I entirely understand what tagging party does, but I have a new release coming out (June 8th from Siren Publishing, starting to get really excited now) and if you were doing something I’d love to be included. Assuming we’re all still here 😉

  7. Ha, you’ve got it Stephanie!

  8. Thank you, Willa! Just post your link on Amazon (either your author page or book) and I’ll go out and “like” and check the tags on your books. The tags help your book come up for searches, recommendations, etc. If you don’t already have tags, tell me the ones you’d like me to use.

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