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State of the Writing

I was on a roll for Vicki, and then the first major sex scene totally derailed me.  Last week I picked at the story each night, but I was lucky to get a couple of hundred words, where the weeks before I was clearing 1-2K easily.  However, I was able to finish several “summary” scenes that were important but not “candy bar scenes.”

The big candy bar scene I’m now ready for is with Victor on page.  I decided I should re-read part of his book last night to make sure I got his voice right…….and then ended up reading until midnight.  Oops.

It doesn’t help that I started a new workout routine this week.  I tend to obsess.  (Who, moi?)  I’ve been wholly consumed with getting back on track in exercise, which seems to have done a number on my writing.  However, I know that exercise will make me feel better and eventually, improve my sense of wellbeing and fire my creativity.  Or so I’ve been told.  Right now, I’m still cripping around groaning at sore muscles.

Meanwhile, I’m working on line edits for The Bloodgate Guardian, due back 3/10.  I worked for awhile today and got through about 1/3, so I’m in good shape.

My goals for this month:

  • 50K in Vicki so I can finish her next month.
  • Edits on The Bloodgate Guardian and Victor as they come up.
  • Promo mailings for Dear Sir, I’m Yours.  I have some excellent bookmarks!  If you’d like some, drop me an e-mail and I’ll see what I can do.

6 thoughts on “State of the Writing

  1. Sound like doable goals…wishing you the best with them!

  2. *jumps up and down* I can has bookmark?:)

  3. Mememememe! Um…errr…next time I’m up, anyway. Don’t waste postage on me!

  4. Those do sound like good goals! And I’ll have to e-mail you about bookmarks… I was thinking about doing a give-away for my birthday (in May) and could slip promo stuff in with whatever I ship out to the winners… Hmm.

  5. Um….I love bookmarks? :mrgreen:

  6. Thank you, Sherri! Of course I always hope I can do more….

    Stephanie, do I have your snail mail addy? Drop me a line and I’ll mail you some!

    You bet, Sis!

    Nicole, that would be wonderful!! Just let me know–I can mail you some if that’s easiest.

    You bet, Soleil!

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