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State of the Writing

January was a busy month of revisions.  I completed not one, not two, but three major revision passes on three different manuscripts.  All are now submitted and the waiting games begin.

Turning in Return to Shanhasson was a major milestone.  The first project I ever completed was Rose…and now that story is complete.  It’s an incredible feeling.  Of course, I’m not done with the Blood & Shadows world.  I have another Keldari novella I want to write, and I have notes and ideas jotted for both of Shannari’s daughters (although it’s been years since I touched them, so likely won’t be able to use much at all).

It’s time for a NEW story to take over.  Thanks to some of my decisions in January, I have two stories I want to write in the next few months.  One is a short and tight romance; the other is a longer, detailed kickoff to a world as big as the Blood & Shadows world.  Since it’s so large, I think I’ll try to get the short work done first, while I make notes and get organized in the SFR world.

That will be my main direction for first quarter of 2010.  Of course, I’m hoping to have new contracted works to announce, and that means revisions and promo and more giveaways.  We’ll just see how all that unfolds.  Right now, I have no scheduled release dates to announce, other than Dear Sir, I’m Yours coming in print April 1st.

Speaking of which, I’m in the building stage for Vicki’s story, Victor and Conn’s sister.  I’m hoping to write that book this year, if I can get her heroes to show up.

But first, I’m rewarding all my hard work since NaNo last year, and I’m going to wallow in reading.  First up, Larissa Ione’s  Passion Unleased and Ecstacy Unveiled, Gail Dayton’s Heart’s Blood, and hopefully Stephanie Tyler’s Hard to Hold.  I have so many other books on my TBR tower that I’m afraid to look, but for sure these are a few I’m hoping to read this month.

Don’t forget to vote for The Road to Shanhasson as the best book of 2009 here!

4 thoughts on “State of the Writing

  1. Good for you! I wrapped up Ecstasy Unveiled Friday and it was great…can’t wait for Sin’s story.

    Voted…good luck!

  2. Vicki’s heroes? Plural? Hmm… 😉

    And I really enjoyed Heart’s Blood. Haven’t read the first in the series yet (which I am going to remedy soon), but I still really liked it.

  3. Thank you so much, Sherri!

    Yep, Nicole. Pretty sure it’s a menage, but nobody’s cooperating yet. Sigh. I really enjoyed the first Blood book, so I know this one will really speak to me!

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