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Submission Ahoy!

So far, 2013 is shaping up to be a busy year.  This past week, I’ve finished up line edits on Her Grace’s Stable, finished a 35K novella (but that’s another story, literally), revised Sig’s book (Lord Regret’s Price) for the second time including adding 2K+ to the end (bringing total to 77K), and written a synopsis.  Even better, Sig is now out visiting on submission!  Keep your fingers crossed that we hear good news in a few weeks.

As for the novella, it’s not really a novella.  It’s part one of a big story.  A story that both terrifies and excites me.  I’ve been working on the premise for this story for over a year.  A hint to what it’s about is in this interview.  I’ve got part two very well plotted, but part 3 is still a vague mess.  It might be one of those stories that I have to write the next act before I can figure out the end.  I have some ideas of what I want to happen, but there are certain elements that still escape me.

Now that Sig’s away and the 3/15 deadline is regretfully out of reach, I’ll be rereading what I have so far and tackle part 2.  I’m also going to make notes on Lady Wyre’s Rebel while the story’s on my mind.  It’s gonna be one wild crazy ride!

1 thought on “Submission Ahoy!

  1. WOOT!

    Busy is an understatement but man, oh man, what a ride. Crossing fingers and toes that everyone finds a happy home 😀

    So, so excited for you Joely!

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