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Re: book chat with Cindy — I noticed she hasn’t posted her portion yet.  When she does, I’ll provide the link.

The writing is slow going.  Couple of hundred words here and there.  Why, yes, I am in another nagging scene.  How did you know?  (Because they always slow me down.  I might have to skip this one and get my momentum going again.)

We drove down to Joplin today to visit My Beloved Sis and take her some frozen meat our dad, Papa from Mexico, had brought her on Thanksgiving, which she forgot.  Papa was supposed to come babysit the monsters while we celebrated our wedding anniversary early by eating at my favorite restaurant, Mythos, but Papa has pneumonia!  Not so bad that he needed to be hospitalized, but we definitely didn’t want him driving down here and exhausting himself trying to keep Middle Monster from setting something on fire.

So we changed things around a little and decided to drive down later and see the light display in Carthage.  Aunt BB and Uncle J happened to call while we were on the way, and they decided to follow us.  We visited with Molly awhile and then we all met up at Grand Fortuna, a delicious Chinese buffet.  We also drove around town, showed the monsters our first apartment That Man and I had together, as well as the Missouri Southern campus where I graduated.

A trip to Joplin would not be complete without a stop by Books A Million (we don’t have one here).  Remind me never to take the monsters in there again.  Every book they wanted was ridiculously pricy.  As much as it pained me, I had to deny them a book there, and promised their choice at a more reasonably priced store.  I was able to find book 2 and 3 of Brent Weeks’ fantasy assassin series.  I made the mistake of beginning book 1 the other day and it’s really good.  (I’m not supposed to read anything until I finish Return.)

Once Return is done, stand back, I’ll fall on that entire series like a starving pack of wolves.

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  1. Just for the record, I despise BAM. I don’t know what it is about the place, but the one near us almost always manages to annoy me in some way every time I go in there. I don’t like the way it’s organized; the staff are always borderline surly; it’s always something… For a long time, it was the only bookstore within easy driving distance. Then we got a B&N last year, so I don’t got to BAM anymore. So there! Er, … 😀

  2. They had a nice big romance and sf/f section, but the rest of the store was confusing. Molly was looking for 2 zombie books. One she found in COMEDY and the other was in FICTION. Why they weren’t shelved together in a HORROR section or at least close to sf/f where B&N typically shelves it, I don’t know.

    The kids kept bringing me those artsy books that were 14.95 and up. *dies* They love books but don’t always take the best care of them yet. I’m not going to blow $50 on books that Middle Monster might decide to use for her latest art project.

  3. Well, in BAM’s defense, The Zombie Survival Guide is frickin hilarious, but since it and its sequel, World War Z, are about ZOMBIES….

    Yeah. They should both be in a horror section, funny or not. And, ya know, in the same place. And…geez…where WAS the horror section?? I never did find it!

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