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Dragon Cursed – Free My Dragon

Okay, I’m ashamed at how long it took me to get back to these books, but I’m finally getting Free My Dragon (formerly Survive My Fire) and Save My Dragon (Formerly The Fire Within) back up at all retailers.

The key here is ALL retailers.

I decided in 2018/2019 when I pulled the old versions of these novellas for rebranding that I’d use this opportunity to publish direct through Kobo, Apple, GooglePlay, and B&N. I do have a few older wide books already, but I used Draft2Digital because I didn’t have the wide accounts set up yet.

Evidently, that was a mistake. Huge.

Because it took me until this week to finally make myself start this task.

Most of it is my fear of making a mistake. I’m comfortable with KDP and have been publishing there almost exclusively since 2017. With so many books, and so many direct sites, it was just too overwhelming. I couldn’t figure out how to start. In the beginning of my self-pub journey, I didn’t even format my own stories. So everything needed to be re-edited and then reformatted, at the cost of publishing something new (and shiny).

Well, for me, figuring out how to start was a dream. Writing has always been “Dreaming in Rhyme” for me. Friday night, after staying up late with my Beloved Sister so she could finish her book, I dreamed that I was working on Free My Dragon again. I took that as a sign. I mean, look at this cover. What the hell was I waiting for?