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On Movies and Reading

That Man surprised us with Race to Witch Mountain last night, staring The Rock, Dwayne Johnson.  He’s one of my favorite actors, no secret there (since he’s who I would cast as Ruin in the Maya fantasy).  I never saw the original Witch Mountain Disney movies, but I really enjoyed this one.  Oh, there were a few things that bugged me, but overall it was a blast.  The only really annoying thing was trying to sit through the movie with the monsters.  Princess Monster–the oldest!!–had to go potty three times; the two youngest went twice. 

[Note to self:  when we go in the next few weeks to see the Hannah Montana movie, no pop!  For anybody!!]

Then we came home and watched Hitman thanks to Netflix.  I love assassins (no secret there with Gregar and all), and I definitely came away with a few story ideas itching in the back of my brain, but gah, the body count was horrendous!  I wish more of 47’s backstory had been covered.  What organization raised him?  How did they get him as a kid?  I was also confused about why the rest of his organization were trying to kill him.  We did enjoy it, but it’s not one I’d watch again.

I also finished New Blood by Gail Dayton this weekend.  I absolutely loved the blood magic throughout.  Totally up my alley.  Blood sorcery and the resulting relationship between Amanusa and Jax is very similar to my blood bond stuff I use, with a whole magic rule built around it.  Very cool.  I did have a little nagging feeling as I read the book that’s hard to explain.  It was a little episodic, if that makes sense?  Just moving from one place to another.  Yeah, there were issues and attacks, but they weren’t tightly woven together.  It was still an engrossing read, it just lacked a little bit of something that would have made it all the better.

Meanwhile, I’m still working through the Maya polish.  I have about 130 more pages to go and a synopsis to write.

What’s the next project in the hopper?  I haven’t decided yet.  It’ll either be 7Crows, the science fiction Regency, or the original SFR spoof that spawned into 7Crows, or possibly, RHP, the Regency fantasy.  At least those are the projects that are bubbling the most on the stove.  I still need to write Given in Fire, the third Keldari novella, before I turn in the third and final Shanhasson book (so all threads are woven tightly between Keldar and Shanhasson).

No, sorry, I don’t know when Road will be coming out yet.  We obviously missed the 20th.  A few anthology projects are sitting in front of Road but as soon as I have a new date, I’ll update the website.  It should be soon!!!