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A Week’s Vacation

So I have the next week off from the Evil Day Job…and a terrible case of insomnia.  I could NOT sleep last night, and although I should be asleep tonight to make up for the lack, I’m totally wired.  I switched allergy meds and they’re totally kicking my fanny.  Hey, I can breathe though.  *rolls eyes*

My plans for this week — if I can ever get to sleep — is to work super hard on plotting Maya #2.  I have a few plot points outlined but significant work lies ahead or I’ll never get this synopsis done.  I’d also like to write some new words on something, anything, just to get that muscle loose and ready.

If that means I need to write all night because I can’t sleep, so be it.  As long as I can still get the monsters on the bus!  (It’s their last few days of school.)