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MayNoWriMo Day 2, 3

I didn’t get as much done yesterday as I’d hoped, but it was a full, busy day with family stuff and my first panel for Coyote Con.  I had a great time talking SFR with Heather Massey (read the transcript here) and I can’t *wait* for the Steampunk panel next weekend (May 8th, 11 PM EST).

I continued working with Liquid Story Binder, expanding my character backgrounds.  I’ve been using Writer’s Guide to Character Traits and The Complete Writer’s Guide to Heroes & Heroines to get some nitty gritty details for Quinn and Tara.  I’m layering archetypes for each, and expanding the shell of characterization that I had before.  Quinn is going to have a darker rebel side that we didn’t really see in the brief scenes I originally sketched out, and Tara is going way deeper and beyond what I had originally expected.  She’s a bit of a lost soul (yes, I know that’s a male archetype, but it really fits for her), and the beginning of her book is going to throw her for a huge loop.

I have one background element I still need to figure out for Quinn:  a supernatural event with his adopted brother that sets the stage for why he believes in the demon so quickly.  Then I think I’ll be ready to make the first pass through the Emotional Toolbox for both characters.

I managed Dark & Early this morning, the first time in months.  I don’t know how long I’ll be able to sustain it.  My allergies are horrendous this year and I just don’t seem to have any energy to spare for getting up early.  But it helps to know that Jenna is up and expecting me to check in!

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MayNoWriMo Day 1

Here it is almost 6:30 PM CST and I’ve barely started MayNoWriMo. 

I’m sitting here with my first cup of coffee of the day (gasp!) and pulling together my notes for tomorrow’s Coyote Con special session with Heather Massey on Science Fiction Romance (Sunday, 2 PM EST).  I’ll also be gathering questions during the chat to send to S.L. Viehl, aka Paperback Writer, the author of the incredible StarDoc series.  She’ll be posting answers on her blog throughout the month.

I do have Liquid Story Binder open.  I decided I would give it another try with this project.  There are a lot of things I really love about it, but I never seem to have time to sit down and explore it.  I’ll keep working on some character dossiers tonight and try to get a little done, although it’s locked up on me twice tonight already.  🙁

We took the monsters to see How to Train Your Dragon today and we all loved it.  There were a few plot points that I couldn’t look at too hard without cringing (like how it took Hiccup days and days to learn how to ride Toothless but all his buddies could ride like pros as soon as they had to go after his father) but all in all, a wonderful movie that had me on the edge of my writer’s seat loving every minute.

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Catching Up

Sorry for the unexpected blog silence!  I’ve been sick this week.  Pretty much all I’ve done for two days is watch movies (Snow White A Tale of Terror, Pan’s Labrinyth, The Invasion, and several others that I’ve already forgotten) and cross-stitch. 

I have a new idea I want very much to document, but I haven’t had the energy to even take a single note yet.  I’m returning to the Evil Day Job tomorrow one way or the other, even if I can’t sleep like last night (cold medicine right before bed really jacked me up).

I feel like April is slipping away and I’m nowhere as prepared for MayNoWriMo as I hoped.  Here I am the “moderator” or “host” for the challenge, and I can’t even get my own act together!  Argh! 

If you’ve searched and found the yahoo group, I haven’t officially opened it yet.  I need to get a few more things in order and I’ll open the group on Friday.  There’s no need to re-apply — I’ll approve the handful that are already in the queue.

The schedule for Coyote Con is really coming together.  You can now register for the events and ask for a ticket to the panels you’re interested in (we have to manage the number of participants in the chat rooms so they don’t crash!).  A few things may change as we juggle everyone’s schedules and commitments, but we’re very close.

This weekend, I need to drag out all my old Maya notes and the subplots that got axed from BGG.  I need to open up a new stack of notecards.  And get busy!!

Please spread the word to your writing groups about Coyote Con and MayNoWriMo!