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Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop

HolidayGiveaway2012 copyI love to hear about different people’s holiday traditions, especially at Christmas time.  Some traditions are pretty basic, like putting up the Christmas tree, but I love to learn about other cultures and even just other families’ celebrations.

I’d never heard of king cake until we lived in Texas.  I didn’t know people could buy their own portable snow blowers and engine block heaters until we lived in Minnesota (and snow is almost always a part of the holiday season there!).

I’m sure most of you would be surprised to hear that one year my family put the litter box under the tree.  It wasn’t a tradition we WANTED to keep… but the cat kept leaving “presents” beneath the tree and it was easier to clean up that way!

What I really find fascinating is how people might celebrate the holiday season in outer space.  If you were stranded on an ice planet… I suppose you’d probably be pretty sick of White Christmas.  Aliens might think it’s strange to put a live tree in your living room and hang lights on it.  Or maybe not.  Maybe they live IN the tree and always have lights hung…

The “what ifs” send my writer brain buzzing.  So tell me, what wonderfully bizarre holiday traditions can you think of — or just tell me about one of your traditions.  Commenters will be entered to win a $20 gift certificate to their choice of online book retailer (B&N, Amazon, Samhain, Carina, etc.)

Lots of prizes are available – find the other sites here!