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A Jane Austen Space Opera

In a galaxy where Jane Austen reigns supreme…

Lady Doctor Wyre (we’re already talking about changing the title, too) has been contracted by Samhain and will be available March 2011!

Quite honestly, I’m not really sure what genre this new series falls into, but I’ve been calling it a Jane Austen Space Opera.  It’s not steampunk, exactly, because it’s based on the Regency not the Victorian Era.  It’s sort of Alternative History — except the countries and colonies of the early 1800s are instead planets, so space travel is involved instead of locomotives or dirigibles.  Instead of brass goggles and gears, the gadgets are based on nanotechnology.

Oh, and if you’re expecting the same old Regency tropes, you’re in for a big surprise, because the LADIES rule this galaxy.  Typical roles will be reversed, so expect Lady Rakes, Female Pirates, and Blushing Male Debutantes, where the gentlemen hope to land a titled lady and not the other way around.  These heroines are not wallflowers or spinsters.  They’re subversive and bold and outspoken.  For instance, Lady Wyre may just decide to keep both men who are interested in her.

Funny behind the story moment:  I printed out Mrs. Giggles’ Regency drinking game as inspiration for ways to warp and twist all those beloved Regency tropes!  So you can imagine, this series is going to be a total blast to write, while still having solid, rich worldbuilding and steamy romance.  Stay tuned for details!