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Too Scary for Glasses

This weekend, I finally had the opportunity to go see The Conjuring with Princess.  It’s the first time we’ve done a “mother-daughter date” — though she adamantly said it wasn’t a date — just the two of us and we had SO much fun!  I laughed until I almost hurt myself watching this movie with her.

I’ve already said many times that I adore watching horror movies on Netflix.  Cheesy ones, supernatural ones, serial killers, whatever.  I love horror movies.  I don’t get to watch them very often unless I’m alone, because That Man can’t stand them (he about messed his pants when the creepy voice said “Get out” in The Amityville Horror).  If it’s even loosely based on something real – like demons – he can’t do it at all.  But then Princess came along, and as she’s gotten older, that’s “our” thing to do together.  She’s been dying to see The Conjuring on the big screen, and I’m relieved we actually made it before it left the theater.

She’s almost fifteen–going on twenty one, if you know what I mean–and was so sure this movie wouldn’t scare her.  I mean, the same child refused to even use the bathroom in our finished basement for years because she had a dream about zombies attacking through the basement after watching an episode of Walking Dead with me.  Two years ago she was convinced she had a “stalker” aka Edward the Vampire type ghost that made the chair move in her room and made breathing noises on her iPod recordings (of course those noises could NOT have been her or the dog she slept with every night *rolls eyes).

Anyway, we’re sitting down for the movie and I made her put her glasses on.  She hates to wear them unless she has to for school and I hardly ever see her wear them at home.  We weren’t ten minutes into the movie and she took them off and tried to get me to put them in my purse.  I refused.  “You HAVE to be able to see!”

She compromised.  Every time one of the scary ghosts popped up, she buried her face on my shoulder (she’s almost a foot taller than me now) and had me watch it for her.  “What’s happening?”

“Look and see for yourself!”

“I can’t!  I’m scared of the witch’s face!”

So if you go by “too scary for glasses”, The Conjuring was a huge success.  In all honesty, I think it’s probably the scariest movie I’ve seen.  It didn’t need a bunch of gore or TSTL teenagers boinking in the car while the crazy killer approaches.  All it really needed was a believable background story and a creepy doll.  I loved the whole set up.  And man, I loved Lorraine’s outfits (this one in particular).  Not the normal “seventies” clothes I think of.

Now I really want to write some horror.  *coughs*  *looks at our Plantation files with Molly*  *gets to work*