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One year H&R Block lost our entire return…

The first year we moved to MO and had MN taxes to file at the same time, I paid an accountant over $250 to file both state returns. The MO return was wrong (despite hiring a MO accountant!!!), and I had to pay penalties…

Another year, the “fast tax” place on the corner filed our child tax credit wrong and I had to pay penalties…

And so I’ve been doing our taxes ever since using TurboTax. I figure I can’t do much worse than these other places. Right? RIGHT?

I always change my mind about midway through and kick myself for not hiring someone else. I persevered, though, and the 2007 taxes are done! E-Filed! And we don’t have to pay! *whew*

My reward: watching Gordon Ramsey puke on Hell’s Kitchen. Priceless.

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