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Temporary AWOL

I need to get a LOT done this weekend.  If I have any hope at all of hitting both deadlines by July 31st, I need to finish the first story by Monday.  I’ve only got 3K of a 10-15K story, so yeah, I need to really crack that whip.  Then I’m going to have to pull some kind of Fast Draft out of my ass for the other story, which needs to be 20-30K.  *headdesk*  Anyone want to participate?  Shout out in comments.

Plus, next week is Left Behind and Loving It, so I need to get my posts written, which requires some research, and of course, re-reading of some of my favorite sex scenes.  For research, I swear!

So don’t expect another update on the blog until Monday.  I’ll report then whether I was successful or not.  I’ll tweet my progress on Twitter if you want any updates.  Gregar’s just about got me dragged into the Well, so I’ll leave you with a single line from my WIP.  After all my stewing about “branding,” I find it highly ironic that I’m writing in yet another genre.  *snort* 

“Well,” Abe drawled out, “I got to wonderin’ exactly why we never saw you take a piss.”

5 thoughts on “Temporary AWOL

  1. Ok, i’m in! :mrgreen:

    haven’t really written diddly since…. well, crap, i don’t even know when! um, my goals will be SMALL, but i’m working on replotting Novel #1 and editing the 2008 NaNo and if I make even a little progress on those between know and the rest of the month, i’ll be doing so much better! 😆

  2. Joely, are you writing a Western?

  3. Sounds good, Bethanie! Next week I’ll be pretty busy with LB&LI but I hope to get at least 5K done by the end of the week and all character/plotting ironed out. Then the following week, I have to Fast Draft the rest, and leave the last week of July to edit both stories. I *think* it’ll work.

    Cheryl, close! It’s a Civil War story.

  4. well, if anyone can do it, joely, you can! i’ll be ironing away at my plot most of the month, i think… 😯

    let me know if you need any tips on Speaking Southern… I got lots of primary sources riiiiiiight here. 😀

  5. Well, Bethanie, I don’t know if I’ll be able to pull it off or not. I haven’t even broke 8K yet but I’m close. I’ve got several more scenes in mind for the story, though, so I’m guessing 15K is more likely, which means I’m barely halfway! Ack!

    Hillbilly ain’t too far off from Southern. I’m setting the story “somewhere” in the Missouri/Arkansas region, and then it moves toward Colorado. Now if you have any experience in Cherokee….? I’d definitely take you up on that!

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