The News

I didn’t know that Ann was prophetic.

Before Christmas, she mailed me the coolest goodies.  Inside, I found signed Larissa Ione books (fan girl squee!), shells, and RT swag, including dozens of postcards, bookmarks, and a big comfy red blanket.

Of course, I didn’t get to keep the blanket for long. 

Princess Monster snuggles

Princess Monster snuggles


Someone was always stealing my blanket! 

Middle Monster hugs (chokes) Littlest Monster

Middle Monster hugs (chokes) Littlest Monster

Then some wonderful news came.  I danced and yelled down the hall and the monsters came running.  When they heard the news, they grabbed the red blanket and raced around the house shouting and waving it like a banner.

You see, Conn and Rae of Letters to an English Professor have found a home at:


Samhain Publishing

Conn’s story will be getting a new title too.  So if any of you have read snippets or my blabbering about the story and have a title suggestion, shout it out!

Thanks to everyone who has read Letters in its various incarnations and provided feedback; who gave me the courage to send out such a spicy story; who talked me off the cliff once or dozens of times; and a huge thank you to Angela James and Samhain for giving Dr. Connagher a chance for more pop quizzes and smoldering poetry lessons!

14 thoughts on “The News

  1. For a minute I forgot your announcement because I wanted to say, aw what cute pics of the girls. And of course I have more happy dancing for you! Boundless energy is mine when it comes to good news!! 🙂

  2. Forgot to say — I got a final, finished copy of Desire Unchained the other day, and inside is a quote from you! “Joely Sue Burkhart, author of Beautiful Death.” Way cool! *g*

  3. Larissa, thank you so much — and I can’t wait to get my hands on books 2 and 3! I’ve got #2 pre-ordered and I’ll be giving away the entire series in March.

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