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The Delete Button

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…looked mighty attractive all weekend as I struggled to get my blog back up. The website was easy to fix. WordPress was a nightmare. Yahell was helpful to a certain point — and then abandoned me when I got into the php specifics. I know just enough to hose myself, you know? I had to restore the files one by one by one…my wrist and hand are killing me. There are a *lot* of files, especially when you have several plugins, a couple of different themes…

It sucks, really really sucks.

Trying to play the glad game, at least I found…a bunch of other crap some loser hack had put on my site (different one by the time stamp on the files). Want some potty-word drugs? I had a bunch of bogus files and pages I have no idea where they came from, buried deep in my blog directory. Do all wordpress blogs have this vulnerability, or is it yahell itself?

I had an offer recently to move my website hosting and hire someone to manage a bunch of these wordpress/php specific details for me. That offer is increasingly more attractive after losing this entire weekend to horrible stress. This kind of thing just makes my stomach hurt, my head throb, my heart pound. Panic attack. Needless to say, it’s been a very tough weekend. I need another Pepcid.

Sorry to anyone who had specific entries linked here. I had to change my permalinks to get everything back. I don’t know what happened specifically, but changing the permalink format enabled the individual entry views.

So much for preparing for my Left Behind and Loving It workshops. I have no idea what to do.

If something is still broken, please let me know.

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