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The Flip Side!

I’m sure things aren’t quite right, but for the most part, the key pages are back and functioning.  If you see any errors or have problems, please let me know!  I’ll be working with Deena later to get Subscribe to Comments and Smilies.  Oooh, how I’ve longed for Smilies!  I never could get them to work on yahell.

I’m not in love with this theme, but it had the key things I needed (black header, lots of black/red, white writing area, and page nav).  When I first loaded it, some comment text was in Italian!  *boggles*  If I missed any (other than the tag at the very bottom) let me know.

I’m still feeling my way around on how to define categories, tags, etc. so things might change a little.

Remember, if there’s a particular post from my old (now dead) blog that you’d like, many of them were cross posted to livejournal

I have to re-load my blogroll link by link, so please be patient!

6 thoughts on “The Flip Side!

  1. Ooooo, pretty flowers!! I love the hangy ones! Very cool!

  2. Love the new look! Very appealing.

  3. Heh, the comment things are still in Italian. But I kinda like having “scritto”ed.

  4. Thanks, guys! Oops, I guess there is some Italian sneaking in.

    I’m also a little irritated that there’s no easy way to get the next post once you’re viewing one. The template is definitely not my dream theme, but it’s workable and the colors were right!

  5. We can add navigation between posts.

    I think we can also export/import your LJ posts to this blog, if you want.

    I’m home. Very tired. Nice to see how much work you’ve gotten finished!

    Gah. Sorry. I forgot I’d logged in to set you up and forgot to log out again.

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