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The Slowest Chapter One

So it’s taken me half a month to write Chapter One in Victor’s story.

*hangs head in shame*

I have no excuse.  It’s just one of those stories that’s taking me awhile to develop.  There are so many threads to drop into place, so many things that need to be established, others that need to be hinted.  I can’t say it’s even finished, neither, because I was going to try and include blog entries throughout the story, just like Dear Sir was sprinkled with letters.  I don’t have my heart set on that detail so if it doesn’t work fine, but the blog thing ties to Shiloh’s static trait, so I think it’ll make sense…

If I can actually get her to write those blog entries in such a way that they’re useful for this story!

Victor, the bastard, wasn’t very cooperative.  I still don’t have a perfectly clear imagine of his wardrobe in my mind, although he did finally show me the boots he wears.  That’s his trademark and an important element that’ll come up later in the reveal.

It’s weird.  I thought this would be an “easy” story to write since I already knew the external plot — but the characters themselves are giving me fits.  I think what I need to do is put their theme song on a continuous loop for an hour and just let them scream out on paper until I finally feel that perfect connection with them.

Time is Running Out, guys.  I would really like to have the first three chapters well in hand by the end of this month and the plot well positioned to finish this book for NaNoWriMo next.

5 thoughts on “The Slowest Chapter One

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  2. Funny enough, I think your problem with this story has been an ongoing problem with my NaNo project. The story I’m going to work on this year has been knocking around inside my skull for years (I’m too embarrassed to say how many years total, so we’ll just leave it there). I know so much of the external stuff, but the characters aren’t as forthcoming as I need them to be. In prepping for NaNo I’ve been trying to develop them outside the confines of the plot.

  3. Well, I haven’t had my NaNo story idea as long as you Joely or Krista but my characters are being just as stubborn. 😆 My company leaves this afternoon so I’m hoping to buckle down and at least figure out my Heroine.

  4. Umm…from reading your post, I’m wondering if you are over-thinking everything. Maybe you should write a bare bones chapter one then head into chapter two with a full steam. I make 80% of my mistakes in chapter one. I’ve always done it so I don’t worry to much and then go back and fix it after the book is done.

  5. Krista, I hear you. I had Shannari, Rhaekhar, and Gregar living in my head for YEARS before I finally got it right. Hang in there for NaNo!

    Sherri, cool! Glad to see you’re doing NaNo too — what’ your handle?

    Rene, openings are always slow for me, combined with back to school craziness, I’m just not firing on all cylinders. Typically Oct. is a big month for me but it’s just not happening this year. YET!!

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