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The Summer Blahs

Every year I hope this summer will be different.  I start out good.  And then the summer blahs hit.

Maybe it’s the soaring temps (although not this year – it’s been rather cool and rainy).  Maybe it’s the kids being out of school.  They stay up super late, so I don’t sleep as well.  I’m tempted to stay up with them (I’m naturally a night owl, but a thing called the Evil Day Job prevents me from staying up too often).  It’s certainly harder to get up in the dark if I’ve only been in bed a few hours.

Maybe it’s work.  The EDJ has been particularly busy this year, especially the last two months, and there’s really no end in sight.

Whatever the cause, I feel the days slipping by and it drives me nuts.  I just can’t get moving.  It’s harder to stick to the diet when it’s hotdog and chips season.  It gets too hot to do much outside.  The kids get bored and whiny, even when I’ve organized activities for them to keep them out of the house as much as possible so I can work.  Can you believe they start complaining that the pool is *boring*?

I’ve wasted entire summers in the past, but I keep trying NOT to lose these months.  I have to keep moving.  So it’s back to tiny goals on ANY book that will hold my interest.  Last night, I reread Charlie’s story (the mysterious “Christmas” novella that wasn’t about Christmas and wanted to be more than a novella!).  I’ve reread what I have in Mama C too.  Of course I also have the new PNR I’m building.  Too many cool ideas — just not enough brain cells right now.

I’m pulling out the timer.  15 minutes on any project.  Then maybe I’ll have some ice cream!

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2 thoughts on “The Summer Blahs

  1. Ugh. Amen, beloved sister. It is seriously hard for me to write ANYTHING in the summer. Dunno why. There’s just this… disconnect.

    Of course, that doesn’t stop the ideas from coming, which is a special kind of hell. Ugh.

  2. For me it’s spring, so thank dog I’m coming out of it now, but I know exactly how frustrating it can be!

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