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Submission Ahoy!

So far, 2013 is shaping up to be a busy year.  This past week, I’ve finished up line edits on Her Grace’s Stable, finished a 35K novella (but that’s another story, literally), revised Sig’s book (Lord Regret’s Price) for the second time including adding 2K+ to the end (bringing total to 77K), and written a synopsis.  Even better, Sig is now out visiting on submission!  Keep your fingers crossed that we hear good news in a few weeks.

As for the novella, it’s not really a novella.  It’s part one of a big story.  A story that both terrifies and excites me.  I’ve been working on the premise for this story for over a year.  A hint to what it’s about is in this interview.  I’ve got part two very well plotted, but part 3 is still a vague mess.  It might be one of those stories that I have to write the next act before I can figure out the end.  I have some ideas of what I want to happen, but there are certain elements that still escape me.

Now that Sig’s away and the 3/15 deadline is regretfully out of reach, I’ll be rereading what I have so far and tackle part 2.  I’m also going to make notes on Lady Wyre’s Rebel while the story’s on my mind.  It’s gonna be one wild crazy ride!

One thought on “Submission Ahoy!

  1. WOOT!

    Busy is an understatement but man, oh man, what a ride. Crossing fingers and toes that everyone finds a happy home 😀

    So, so excited for you Joely!

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