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Third Time’s the Charm

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So we’ve been trying to match the paint color throughout this house so we could touch up all the knicks and scrapes the monsters left behind. First time, we took a small piece of wall (That Man planted the bedroom door handle into the wall, long story) to Lowes and had a quart of Valspar made. The paint lady thought the finish was flat.

When it dried, it was obviously not the right color or finish. Some walls looked okay until the light hit, with an obvious sheen difference. I went snooping out in the garage through several old cans and found what I suspected was the original 5-gal painter’s container. It was an egg shell finish, not flat. Back to Lowes, bought another quart in the same color.

This one was even worse. I didn’t need a light difference to see the obvious touchups.

The paint label was really faded, but I finally made out Sherwin Williams “Nomadic Desert.” We ran up to the closest store on Sat. and they had closed half an hour earlier. Sigh. Made another trip today but the paint guy recommended I bring in the old paint can because believe it or not…they have two kinds of egg shell paint. Sigh. Drove back home, picked up the nasty old can, and drove back.

Of course, I couldn’t just buy a quart of THIS paint — I had to get a whole gallon. *grumbles* However, it was totally worth it. I repainted all the spots tonight and I swear, I can’t tell where I touched up. The only spot I really need to work on yet is the monsters’ room. Evidently, Princess Monster likes to lay awake at night and scratch paint off the textured bumps. It might be easier to re-paint that whole wall…

I was a cleaning maniac all weekend. The master suite is almost move-out ready: cleaned, organized, kids’ toys picked up, etc. Packing up the bathroom essentials will be one of the last things we do. Both bookcases are mostly done with just a few scragglers that wouldn’t fit in the box. Today, I finished the monsters’ room. *dies* It was soooo messy. Everything is organized and for the most part, packed, except their most favorite toys.

I didn’t finish the storage unit like I hoped, but I got more cleaning/organizing done than I planned, which is good. (I didn’t have the van Sat. so I couldn’t make the large trips like I’d envisioned.) Slowly, we’re getting there. If nothing else, this move is forcing me to reorganize and declutter, which is a good thing.

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