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Thursday Thirteen (TT#58)

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Thirteen Signs that I’m Losing my Mind
1. I’ve been talking to my characters.

2.And they answer back.

3. I’ve been drinking a couple of gallons of coffee a day. (Up at 4:30 this morning) *pops a Pepcid*

4. I had yet another story idea today. No, I didn’t do anything with it but crawl in the corner. *whimpers*

5. Still waiting to hear about a contest I entered Letters in. *gnaws nails to the bone*

6. I promised my editor to have Gregar’s book (The Road to Shanhasson) to her by early July for possible release in September. I currently have less than 30K. Ideally, first draft (80-100K) needs to be done by May 3st, so I can revise in June. *listens to Gregar, types faster* Gregar is KILLING ME, but what a lovely way to go…..

7. Beautiful Death edits and promo will be going on at the same time. (Releasing in June) *frantic*

8. I committed to writing another Keldari novella to bundle with the other two, likely 20-30K. This year! Oh, but I had this really killer idea already… Oddly, inspired by the hymn we were singing in church on Sunday: He hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock…

9. I still have to finish expanding Letters and kick it out the door. *Conn revs his black Mustang impatiently*

10.I need to drag out RHP and decide whether the plan I spent months on for revisions will actually work. And then, you know, MAKE THOSE REVISIONS. *gulp* Another full length novel this year.

11. Take last year’s NaNoWriMo novel at 63.5K and do something productive with it. Like revisions and kick IT out the door too. Another full length novel…. *babbles*

12. Evil Day Job trip to MN next week!!!!! *Squee – I get to see WANDA!*

13. Oh, yeah, and where’s Charon’s book (that follows Beautiful Death)? *blubbers*

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