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Two Shower Day

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Happy Independence Day, America!

Today was another major day of cleaning, packing, and organizing. I have one massive bookshelf entirely packed now, as well as several containers of toys out of the monsters’ room. We (that is significant) reorganized the garage to make it easier to get stuff out of the house and still park the van inside. I have a dedicated corner for donation items (already made one delivery load yesterday) and another corner for trash. That Man even cleaned out his closet and eliminated several bags of old shirts, etc. that I can donate.

A long sweaty day, requiring a second shower tonight after the local fireworks display (which was AWESOME–they shot them just a block or so away so it was like our own personal display while we sat in our driveway. Too bad we’re moving. *rolls eyes*)

Tomorrow, That Man is taking the monsters over to his parents’ house and I’m staying behind to continue the packing. My #1 task tomorrow is to tackle our storage facility and identify as much as possible for donation. Hey, we haven’t used it in nearly two years–maybe I can get rid of it now. Especially while That Man isn’t looking…

I even sorted toys tonight… Barbie, animals, books, etc. into containers with labels. They won’t stay that way for long…

P.S. and while no one is looking tomorrow, I do plan to reward myself with a little writing, too.

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