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Upcoming: MayNoWriMo

I’m thinking about organizing a MayNoWriMo challenge.  No, you don’t have to write 50K in May — but I like the idea of setting a goal and then working my ass off to reach it.  When several people get together and work their asses off to reach their goals, something magical happens.  We can begin to feed on each other’s excitement.  Success breeds success.  Synergy builds. 

We could get a lot done in May if we set our minds to it.

My initial thought involves a temporary yahoo group that is disbanded shortly after the challenge.  Everybody sets a goal for the month.  e.g. Revise 250 pages.  250 words a day.  Write 50K first draft.  Send out 20 queries.  Something.  I don’t care what it is, but it has to be measurable and it should be attainable.

Attainable is key.  Did you know the success rate for NaNoWriMo is something like 10%?  How many people used to sign up for Sweating with Sven and then quietly drop out?  If you need a little extra motivation and encouragement, I think prizes may help us stay the course.

The group list would be for support and checking in.  Everyone who meets their goal will be entered to win a grand prize.  I’m not sure what that prize will be, either a gift certificate, a writing book on craft, a nice journal, etc.  Something along those lines. 

After the celebration at the end of the month, the list will be debanded.  I’ve been on a lot of writing groups over the years, and they’re exciting for a month or two, but then the list kind of dies.  That’s why I’d plan to use the list to have fun, encourage, reach our goals, and then move on.

So what do you think?  Is anyone interested in committing to the challenge?  What kind of prizes would you like to see?

12 thoughts on “Upcoming: MayNoWriMo

  1. I’m in. Hit me up for prizes, too. I’d be willing to give feedback to everyone who finishes (though that might depend on how many actually do).

  2. I would be interested too. I’m not published or anything but I do write and have a story I want to work on. would everyone need to contribute a prize. I can donate a journal or something along those lines

  3. I’m definitely interested. While I have decent success with NaNo, I’m one of those who would try Sven and not be able to sustain it.

  4. Deena, that would be great! Maybe we pick one from the group of goal-winners — that would make it more manageable for you and a cool prize at the same time.

    Stephanie, you definitely don’t have to be published, and you don’t have t contribute a prize unless you’re just dying to. Welcome, I’m excited that you want to participate!

    Yay, Nicole! Sven was hard because it was 70 days — 30/31 days are much easier to sustain, I think.

  5. I could be up for this. I need some motivation!

  6. Drawing one would be much better. Thank you for thinking of it.

  7. I think this is a fantastic idea. Count me in.

  8. YES! Absolutely! I need a fire to be lit under my ass to get back into the groove of things and this is exactly it. I miss Sven, and May is better for me than November because the semester is winding down and there’s no major holiday and family taking up my writing time. I’m IN. I think a book on craft as grand prize would be the best idea. Maybe set a price point and let the winner select the book on craft he or she wants (since we all have different ones on our shelves already.

  9. […] aim for 300.  Baby steps.  It is my hope that I will be up to a comfortable 500+ by the time MayNoWriMo rolls around.  I like the idea of MayNoWriMo.  Instead of the insanity of NaNo, you set your own […]

  10. Kait, that’s a great idea. Sort of like PBW’s book wish giveaway.

  11. I know I’m late but count me in. :mrgreen:

  12. Oh and the idea of a journal really made my eyes pop. I love new journals.

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