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Vacation Day 1

Thanks to insomnia, I stayed up until midnight hoping my brain would finally shut down.  I was in bed by 12:15.

At 12:39 I heard youngest monster crying and a crash in the hallway.  She’d stumbled over some books Middle had left out, but that wasn’t why she was crying.  Her ear hurt.  I gave her Motrin and checked her for fever, but it was just her ear.  She headed back to bed and so did I, but I was immediately worried about whether she’d need to see a doctor today or not.

At 2:00 am the shower came on.  Huh?  I think I was actually asleep, which only ticked me off more.  I jumped up and went to investigate.  Princess Monster had gotten up and thought it was time to get ready for school.  She told me it “felt” like 5:30.  Next time, check your clock first!  Argh!

At 5:00 am. That Man was up for work.  I had been in and out of sleep all night, never completely relaxing.  I was wide awake when he got up but decided to stay in bed awhile and try to relax my eyes.  He got Princess up at 5:30, and then I was up by 5:45.  On my day off!?!

At 6:30, I got Princess on the bus.  At 7:00 I got the two youngest up, and Littlest was still hurting.  Worse, she had some gunk coming out of her ear.  Not as bad as I’ve seen before, but I definitely suspected she’d perforated her ear drum. 

Meanwhile, Princess called from school because she needed $6 for tomorrow’s field trip and of course she needed me to bring it today.  I got everyone ready, drove Middle to school at 8 and then took Littlest to the doctor. 

We actually got in and out by 9, and the doctor confirmed ear infection.  He couldn’t see the hole with his eyes, so the damage to her ear drum wasn’t extensive.  Next, a stop at Walgreens to fill her prescription.  I had a $20 that I needed to break for Princess’s $6 field trip and I hadn’t eaten breakfast, so I stopped by McDonalds for a caramel frappe and biscuits for me and Littlest. 

Armed with $6, we stopped by Princess’s school and then headed home.  I think we made it about 10.  Littlest wanted to play on my computer, so I started to watch Sweeney Todd.  Not even half way through, she came downstairs, so I turned it off.  Way too gory!

Sigh.  So you can see how the day went.  It was crazy all day.  I didn’t even have time to check in at work (I have one last testing feedback issue I wanted to resolve, but just didn’t have time today). 

Princess had guitar lessons tonight, the two youngest needed water bottles for field day at school tomorrow (assuming Littlest feels up to going), we were out of milk and waffles, staples for breakfast the last few days of school, so after dinner, we ran to Wal-Mart.  There, I ran into Littlest’s teacher and was able to fill her in on how she was doing.

Summary:  I got zilch done today. 

That Man has to be up at 4:45 tomorrow for his Evil Day Job.  Any guesses on how many times we’ll get woke up tonight?

4 thoughts on “Vacation Day 1

  1. OMG, Joely! Get a nap before you collapse.

    You poor thing. Hope you get some sleep tonight.

  2. Oh! Not a good start to your vacation. Here’s hoping the rest of the week is much better!

  3. Good God, Sis. Makes me tired just to read it. I am NEVER having kids. Yikes!

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