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Vicki and Jesse’s Agreement

I wouldn’t want to start you off this Monday without a nice steamy visit with Vicki. 😉 

The actual “deed” implied in this snippet took me days to finish.  Finally wrapped it up tonight.  *whew, I’m exhausted!!* 

Next scene to write:  Vicki stops by VCONN for a little talk with Victor!

Warning: sexual innuendo but no actual congress.  *winks*

[Vicki:] “We are so not going there. We can’t. I want to give you time—”

I’ve had time on the streets. I’ve done time in prison. I don’t need time to know that I love you.”

I need time. I can’t say that I want to protect you, and then take advantage of you.” In desperation, she added, “Elias is spending the night, and this time, he won’t be on the couch.”

Jesse’s eyes only darkened more and he edged closer. “Can I watch?”

No!” She shuddered at the thought. Elias would probably bust a vein in his forehead if she’d even thought to ask him. “Absolutely not.”

Groaning, he dropped his head to her shoulder. “Please, Vicki, I’m dying. Give me something. Anything. Can I at least come when you do?”

She opened her mouth to retort that he could come whenever the hell he wanted, but she couldn’t say it. She stood there, mouth open, eyes wide, dumbstruck by the surge of pure power and primal lust that crashed through her. She liked the idea of controlling his release. Making him wait. Giving him a word, a simple caress, and watching his mouth fall open, his eyes blaze, while he pumped at her command.

Oh,” he breathed out in a soft whisper, raising his head to search her face, his eyes as wide as hers. “You like that idea. While he’s inside you, think of me downstairs, tangled in the sheets, sweating and rock-hard while I listen, begging to hear your cry of release. No matter how much I hurt, I won’t touch myself. All it’ll take is your voice, your scream, and I’ll explode. Yes? Please?”

She swallowed hard and tried to slow down her breathing before she hyperventilated. “On one condition.”


You back down on the flirting until I get my head wrapped around this. Okay?”

Wrapped around you and me?”

And me and Elias.”

Yes’m.” Jesse smiled and tipped his head in a nod. “Is he a good lover?”

She remembered Elias’s threat-promise: We’re going to be loud, babe. “Oh, yeah. It might get rather…rowdy.”

Good.” Jesse smiled, his eyes sultry and lazy. “I can’t wait for him to arrive.”

4 thoughts on “Vicki and Jesse’s Agreement

  1. my Monday just got a whole lot better:) You spoil us readers:)

  2. Joely, you’re killing me here. (But what a way to go…)

  3. *dies* no, that’s not right…

    *fans self* humm, that’s not right either…

    What a way to start the week!

  4. It’s my pleasure to spoil you and keep you squirming!!

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